Postdoctoral researcher position in signal processing and machine learning for motion capture data

drone en vol

LIRMM Laboratory, University of Montpellier, France.

The goal of the European Regional funded project MOVCAP (Motion Capture on the Move) is to develop a technical solution for capturing the kinematics of human movement, while the human target is moving (for instance a subject performing outdoor sport). This will be achieved by combining a lightweight motion capture (mocap) device with a flying drone. Thanks to a visual servoing scheme, the drone will follow the human performing physical activity and the mocap system will be used to record the 3D positions of active markers placed on the participant. The raw captured trajectories of the human will then have to be processed in order to reconstruct his/her movements through several techniques from signal processing and machine learning.
The MOVCAP project involves four partners:
– LIRMM Laboratory: processing of the motion capture data.
– Gambi-M company: software development for the control of the drone.
– LGI2P Laboratory IMT Mines Alès: visual tracking.
– EuroMov Laboratory: data recording and validation.
The main required experience is in motion capture and associated signal processing techniques. The required programming languages include Matlab and Python. Knowledge of C++ and software for the control of drones will also be an asset for this project.
Applications must be sent to Sofiane Ramdani (LIRMM, University of Montpellier, Applications should include a complete CV with a full list of publications, letter of intent, academic transcripts and degree certificates, as well as two academic references. The position will start in March, 2021, for 15 months.


Début :
9 février 2021, 8 h 00
Fin :
1 mars 2021, 17 h 00
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